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Dear Customer :   See below prices, images and other information about these super premium domains.  A new website is coming soon .

* DOT COM PORTAL. Here is one of the most accurate, complete and competitive work done so far in the segment of premium domains. Pure and perfect generic names, in English, descriptive domains with direct navigation, no hyphens, no abbreviations, no unnecessary numbers, no typos, easy to memorize, read, type, speak, listen, write, pronounce, understand, with immense global and local traffic. Most domains have low CPC (Cost Per Click). LUCRATIVE domain names which will increase your sales, add even more value, confidence and fidelity to your products and services. Work done with all necessary and sufficient commercial information to you have an accurate idea of market value of all these premium domains .
IMPORTANT: The domains listed below are our ownership and we have total control over them. We don’t work with third-party domains .

* HONESTY / RESPECT.  DOT COM PORTAL works with honored and serious professionals and doesn't accept dishonest acts of anyone.
We respect Brands, Trademarks, Intellectual Property, and Third Party Rights.  Our  motto  is  ZERO  RISK,  ZERO  PROBLEM,  ZERO  SURPRISE .

* SPEED / OBJECTIVITY. Here you don’t waste your valuable time dealing with unnecessary information, don’t need to ask about prices or waiting for emails which never comes. We will answer you within 1 business day to immediately finalize the domain sale and quickly initiate the transfer to your resgistrar. We have no time to waste.

* GREEN BAR / SECURE PAGES / ENCRYPTED DATA. Every time you type personal and commercial data in our pages the browser bar turns green, you will see a letter "S" (HTTP becomes HTTPS > more Security) and a padlock appears. This is the PROOF OF OUR CERTIFICATION and the SECURITY OF OUR PAGES. All data are encrypted and transmitted through SSL Technology (Secure Socket Layers). DOT COM PORTAL uses 2048 bit SSL to protect all transmissions.  NORTON SSL Certificate .

* EXACT RESEARCH / QUOTED WORDS.  CLICK ON ALL RESULTS and ALL IMAGES below. If you click on GOOGLE (Results, Images, Search), YAHOO (Results, Images), BING (Results, Images), WIKIPEDIA (Results) * THERE ARE SCROLL BARS IN ALL THESES RESULTS / IMAGES * and CPC you will notice that all domains are SEARCHED HONESTLY in QUOTATION MARKS in order to provide you pure results and exact numbers coming from the major search engines. We have been rigorous in order to avoid artificial or misleading results.

* PRETTY IMAGES / EXACT INFORMATION / TRAFFIC. There are pretty images and exact market information in all domains below. The beauty of the images will give you a perfect idea of how will look your site. The exact research results attached to each domain will provide you a clear traffic estimate. IMPORTANT: Premium Domains with Direct Navigation generate accurate and uniform images that represent exactly a product or service.
 That means your future customers will type your product or service in the browser address bar.  Imagine all that traffic directed to your website.

*FAIR PRICES / ACCURATE VALUATION / FINAL USER. Dear BUYER. All prices below have been determined after rigorous market research, comparisons with hundreds of domains which were sold and appraisals on specialized sites. Be sure:  Here are domains with FAIR and UNBEATABLE PRICES.

* DOMAINERS / AUCTIONEERS / BROKERS. Dear FRIENDS. You know Dot Com domains very well and prices. Our values accept an increase of 10%, 15% or 20% (YOUR INTERMEDIATION FEE). Even when there is an increase of 20these prices will remain still extremely competitive, easy to resell. We invite you to start working with us NOW, IMMEDIATELY, wasting no time. See our EXCEL SHEET below with more important information.


* SECURE INVESTMENT / EARN MONEY WITH DOMAINS. Domains are assets of great commercial value and absolute liquidity. They are as important as the brand, commercial facilities, equipments, machinery, fleet, stock and so on. Premium  domains are a lucrative and secure investment source through purchase, sale, resale, brokerage, auctions, traffic monetization, mini sites, traffic redirection, so on, ... Premium domain prices increase periodically and this has a clear and logical explanation: SUPPLY and DEMAND. Every day dozens of websites are created to sell the same product (Ex. FLOWERS) but THERE IS ONLY ONE, ONLY ONE EXACT DOT PREMIUM DOMAIN (FLOWERS.COM) to all these companies. These competitors search for the best possible domain to consolidate their market presence daily. That means more competition day by day, ONLY ONE PERFECT / ABSOLUTE WORD (FLOWERS.COM) and premium domains gets increasingly expensive. See below, in the next item, examples that solve all doubts.

DOMAINS INCREASE SHARE PRICES.  There is a publication in the Strategic Management Journal (2001) made by Mrs. Peggy Lee (Economist and Researcher) in which is verified that many companies had an increase in their share prices and respective market values since they had acquired Premium Dot Com Domains and had included these domains in their business portfolios. These are some of these companies and their fantastic dot com domains.

 Quinstreet  Inc.  INSURANCE.COM  US$   2009     CCRD Oper. Inc.  CREDITCARDS.COM  US$  2.750.000.00  2004
 Hotels GP LLC  HOTELS.COM  US$   2001     National A1 Ad.  PIZZA.COM  US$  2.680.000.00  2008
 Facebook Inc.  FB.COM  US$   8.500.000.00   2010     GDC Trading  GAMBLING.COM  US$  2.500.000.00  2011
 ATTN Diamonds  DIAMONDS.COM  US$   7.500.000.00   2006     Fusion Media  INVESTING.COM  US$  2.450.000.00  2012
 Bodog Media  SLOTS.COM  US$   5.500.000.00   2010     Citibank Inc.  MORTGAGE.COM  US$  1.800.000.00  2000
 Mansion Gilb. Inc.  CASINO.COM  US$   5.500.000.00   2003     Data Recovery  DATARECOVERY.COM  US$  1.650.000.00  2007
 Toys R  US  TOYS.COM  US$   2009     Solar Energy  SOLARENERGY.COM  US$  1.500.000.00  2008
 Theresia Luening  WHISKY.COM  US$   2014     NTT Global  WEBSITES.COM  US$     975.000.00  2015
 Bank of America  LOANS.COM  US$   2000     CAT 5 Com.  RUNNINGSHOES.COM  US$     700.000.00  2011
 One Technologies  CREDITCHECK.COM     US$   2007     DN Investment  WIRELESSPHONE.COM     US$     355.000.00  2006

* MINIMUM OFFER / RESERVE PRICE.    This value is the lowest possible that we will accept for the domain.

* VALIDITY.    Offers are valid for 10 days.    After this period, if there is no higher bid, your offer will be winner and the domain will be yours. 

* BUY NOW.    WINNER OFFER, without competitors.   Immediate transfer to your registrar/server, to your ultimate ownership and total control .


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